Improving Pet Dental Care, One Mouth at a Time

Healthy pink gums and clean pearly whites are as important to your pet as they are to you. While your pet may not be able to brush and floss their own teeth, it's not a lost cause! At The Animalife Veterinary Center at Eagle Creek, our team is highly qualified to provide extensive pet dental care services to the pets of Naples and surrounding communities. Dental hygiene is integral to your pet's overall health because much of what goes on in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. With routine, timely dental care, your pet can avoid conditions such as halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis, dental disease, and tooth loss.

Pet Dental Care in Naples: Smiling cat

Treating and Preventing Dental Disease

Our team performs a large number of dental procedures to help pets combat dental disease. These procedures generally involve:

  • Thorough oral exams and mouth X-rays for a full dental assessment
  • State-of-the-art anesthesia and technician monitoring during all dental procedures
  • Complete teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Oral surgery (extractions, mass removals) if necessary

Guidance On At-Home Care

We pay very close attention to each patient's oral health and recommend daily at-home care in addition to routine exams and cleanings at our hospital. Anticipating potential problems is key to keeping dental disease at bay and ensuring a clean bill of health for your pet. For at-home dental care, we offer toothbrushes and toothpaste designed specifically for pets. We also offer dental chews and a special diet for reducing tartar buildup. Please talk to us if you have any questions about these products and how to use them!

Start Your Pet on a Dental Plan

A lifelong pet dental care plan is the best defense against dental disease. Whether this plan includes bringing them in for a dental, brushing their teeth, feeding them a tartar control diet, or using dental chews will depend on their individual needs. Consult with us so we can help you choose the best options for your pet. Call (239) 778-9777 to schedule an appointment!


The Animalife Veterinary Center at Eagle Creek

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