Cat & Dog Spay and Neuter in Naples, FL

Sterilizing animals to reduce shelter overcrowding and euthanasia rates has become standard practice in veterinary medicine and for good reason. Euthanasia rates among cats and dogs continue to decline and more companion animals have loving homes. At The Animalife Veterinary Center at Eagle Creek, we fully support spay and neuter procedures as a means of controlling overpopulation in and around Naples and keeping pets healthy. By spaying and neutering your pets, you're also increasing the chances that shelter animals find their forever families.


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spay and neuter in naples, fl

What to Expect from Your Pet's Spay or Neuter

All pets being spayed and neutered must be placed under general anesthesia to ensure a safe, painless procedure. As with any other surgery, our team follows strict safety and monitoring protocols to keep patients stable and ensure a healthy recovery. We also offer instructions for aftercare, which include:

  • Keeping your pet's activity to a minimum for at least a week
  • Checking their incision regularly for redness, swelling, and discharge
  • Preventing your pet from licking or chewing at their sutures (they made need an E-collar)
  • Making sure the incision stays dry and clean--no swimming, bathing or romping in the mud until the sutures are removed

For more information regarding aftercare, sutures and permissible activities during recovery, please contact us directly by calling (239) 778-9777. You're also more than welcome to call us if you need to have your pets spayed and/or neutered and would like to consult with one of our veterinarians.